Eyecatcher T-Shirt -Bananas are yellow 

  Hi guys, hope you´re doing well and enjoy the sunny days. Below a quick look of my all-time favorite t-shirt. A t-shirt can be an eyecatcher if you find one with an awesome or minimal design. In the end the shirt should be in focus in a stylish way of combination. What's your favourite t-shirt? … Continue reading Eyecatcher T-Shirt -Bananas are yellow 

3 reasons why wearing a scarf in winter is better

Click the headline for details. My advice why wearing a scarf in winter is better: In Germany it's getting cold again. Not that cold like -25’C in Scandinavia but yeah that sort of cold you and me don't like. During the last days the wind was blowing really hard in the streets. Everybody knows this situation too well. You go outside, to the city or walk the dog and the piercing wind cuts in your face. „If only I had put on my scarf!“ most will think.