3 reasons why wearing a scarf in winter is better

Hi Guys

hope you are doing well and had a great week.

 In Germany it’s getting cold again. Not that cold like -25’C in Scandinavia but yeah that sort of cold you and me don’t like. During the last days the wind was blowing really hard in the streets. Everybody knows this situation too well. You go outside, to the city or walk the dog and the piercing wind cuts in your face. „If only I had put on my scarf!“ most will think.


In order to avoid that uncomfortable situation, here my advice why wearing a scarf in winter is better:

a scarf…
keeps your neck warm.
– is a varied accessory which you can combine with a lot of different outfits.
– is the most casual and cosy way to protect your neck and chest against wind and miserable cold. And if it gets too warm you can take it off.

My personal advice
size: not too short. I prefer a scarf to wrap around twice or better three times.
colour: suitability for daily use. Keep it simple with one color. not too fancy.
material: it should be cosy and natural. Laine Vierge, Cotton or Cashmere. Depends on what you want.

Here my actual favorite brand – Fraas Scarf Company.

Have a good day guys!

All the best




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